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Hi Paul and Pam, Many thanks to you both for the lovely holiday. The days went by so quickly, I had a brilliant time. I learnt loads and will put it all into practice. Its fired up my enthusiasm,and its a shame I have to go to work as I have very limited time to devote to it The food was all very delicious. The area you live in is very beautiful-I'm very jealous! I am about to sign up to photo-shop.Looking forward to getting my prints. Alls well with loading my pictures at home Sincere thanks once again, and I hope to see you both again, Best Wishes.

Jo, UK. July 2017

Hi both - I wanted to thank you for a lovely week. You made me feel very welcome - given that this was my first single holiday I felt I was very lucky. The tuition was great and pitched at the right level. Pam your cooking was wonderful thank you for making a good holiday complete. I would like to wish you both well with your school in the future - who knows maybe I will come again!

Carole, Reading UK. July 2017

Paul, Thanks again to you both for a superb holiday, everything was fantastic! You both worked so hard to make it such a great holiday! I have learned so much and know now that I can improve my photography and editing skills.

Margaret, Lancashire UK

Paul, I found the week of tuition and hands-on activity both highly informative and useful. Hopefully the results reflect that! You are wonderful hosts and made us feel most welcome.

Martin, Surrey UK. July 2017

Just one comment on my (BIG NEW CAMERA) day with (BIG CAMERA COMPANY). The trainer was, in my opinion, a Technician rather than a photographer. He insisted that when dealing with images in Bridge one should increase the highlights and decrease the shadows. I asked him why and he said that it was to maximise the number of pixels in the image! Having now fully edited my pics from our week and my week in the Lakes, I can say from experience that your way is better - I used the sliders to check and the images are better when edited the Paul Edmunds way than the (BIG CAMERA COMPANY) way! I don’t really care if here are fewer pixels - there are more than enough anyway! Thanks again for a wonderful week - I will be back in 2019! I already have plans/commitments for 2018!.

Peter, UK. June 2017

Hi Paul and Pam - I have arrived safely home. Thank you both for such a lovely week. It was great to see you both again, and like before, you made me feel so very welcome. You spoilt me - both in terms of the fantastic food (you are a wonderful cook Pam and I love the flavours you add to the food, the freshness and the fact that so much is home-grown) and the superb photographic opportunities you took me to Paul. I really appreciated the new range of places and the top tips on processing and composition.... it won't surprise you to hear that my computer is struggling to load all my images!!! Thank you...thank you....and to quote a famous actor..."I'll be back!" Looking forward to doing it all over again in the future! Big hugs to you both.

Belinda, UK. May 2017

It was a wonderful experience and I have learned so much. Thank you for being terrific hosts and for being truly outstanding teachers…..both of you. Take care

Ann, UK. May 2017

We have just spent one of the best weeks ever with Paul & Pam, French Photographic Holidays. The accommodation was very comfortable with a large en-suite bedroom. The guest lounge area was very comfortably furnished. Pam & Paul spent most evenings with us and it really was like staying with friends. Pam’s cooking was exceptional and very enjoyable. Paul’s tuition, both in the photographic side and the post processing side has taught us a great deal more about photography than we thought we knew. Giving us a whole new way at looking for images and what to take that was outside the normal landscapes, street photography, etc. There was an area set aside for each of us to have exclusive use of a computer at any time for reviewing and processing our images. At the end of the week we left with 4 amazing images printed on a very good quality paper and many more to be processed by ourselves when we returned. I would strongly recommend a week with Paul and we will be returning next year.

Barbara & David T, UK

Just to let you know that we changed our plans and returned home yesterday evening, abandoning our five day return trip through France. In truth, after such a great week with you and Pam it all felt a bit flat once we left, so we changed our plans. We really did have a wonderful time and thank you both for being such great hosts and being so attentive. We will definitely be back, I can assure you both of that.

Robert, UK

A big thanks to you both for a very enjoyable week, the whole experience was great, I really enjoyed your guidance, experience, teaching and patience during the week. I liked the variety of photographic tasks presented, hi-lights for me were the markets and night photography. Pam's cooking and hospitality was excellent, together you make a great team, a very nice business you both should be proud of.'

John B, UK - April 2017

I am in the process of moving house and wanted a complete break. What better place to go than stay in
Les Ages chez French Photographic Holidays? Paul is a real enthusiast, a patient and assured communicator, very camera savvy and he has developed an editing process to help beginner and expert alike. Pam, an excellent cook in all disciplines especially gluten free meals, radiates bonhomie at all times. They prioritise looking after you to make sure you relax completely and enjoy the rural serenity. One to one attention for a whole week works wonders. Give it a try!

Malcolm, UK - April 2017

Last Thursday I won the club print competition with the 'bottles' image!!! Everybody was very excited about this wonderful, perfect amazing picture!! Thank you very much for all your inspiration and help and support you give when you are out and about with your guests and show them/us all these great places and motives..... I wish I knew more by now but it is a special year. Say Hello to Pam and I hope you'll have a wonderful start into the 'season'! Best Wishes

Manuela, Germany

I have been on photo holidays in Italy, Spain and France and can confidently say that French Photographic Holidays is in a class of its own. In fact it is so good, I have returned for a second week. Paul is exceptionally conscientious and dedicated to helping all his students whatever level. Pam provides great hospitality and marvellous meals. I will be returning next year for my third trip and I know I will learn new things and see new places. If you are interested in photography a visit to French Photographic should be a 'must do'.

Bill Leech, Warwickshire, UK

All things considered, I have never spent a single day of training in any genre from which I carried away more useful improvement. Absolutely marvelous!

Mary, France

Paul and Pam........Good afternoon,

We have returned safely, and with great memories of an outstanding week with you both. It was all - and more - that you said it would be, and we are truly grateful for your time, expertise and patience in casting your pearls before swine, so-to-speak. I would like to think that I have reached Grade 1, but I note, rather pointedly, that this has yet to be certified by the great panjandrum! It was certainly a steep learning curve for one who had never used a computer until the late 80s, and then only for the purpose of inter-office emails. Photoshop is, it seems to me, certainly a complex and very capable programme. I think I could have saved myself quite a bit of frustration had I studied something like 'Photoshop for Dummies' before arrival. Overall, I'm well gruntled with the results, and I look forward to working with it back here when time permits. Carol, too, is well gruntled, and is pleased to have discovered a menu system on her little Canon that actually has some useful information! She's already talking about an upgrade to something more capable. This is very worrying!

Jeremy, Salisbury UK

Sorry to interrupt tonight's editing session (I'm missing it already!) but I just wanted to say thanks for forwarding me the link and THANK YOU for a fab week. I truly enjoyed my photo-time with you and Norman and the social time with Pam and Daf in addition. I've learnt a lot, eaten a lot, and laughed a lot- all good for one's health and so I feel I have had a very relaxing holiday, even though we 'worked' quite hard too at times! Although I've got much more confidence and knowledge about photo-editing now, I may need to return for a top-up... as I type Countryfile is calling for submissions for the next calendar- hope your mate doesn't get it a 3rd time! I may try myself, haha. For now, cheers, enjoy dinner- I seem to remember it was to be my favourite ever pudding of meringues and fruit so I will think of you all while I have a yoghurt!

Thanks again, all the best.

Val, UK

Thank you again for a wonderful holiday, we really enjoyed our stay with you. You have got it all just right - the delicious and varied food, the balance of activity and the extremely useful photography tuition. I am looking forward to having some time in Sept to review my photos and to try to use your instruction sheet to edit. My flight has just been called so I shall be in contact soon. Best wishes.

Jean, UK

Both Tinnie and I agree that our photographic holiday with you was probably the most enjoyable holiday we have ever taken. You have created a wonderful atmosphere in your home in a beautiful and quiet part of the countryside, just what we like. The accommodation was just right, the food was excellent and we both felt completely relaxed and at ease. You are both so friendly and give your guests a wonderful holiday experience. Paul, you have a great deal of patience and I learned a lot. Thanks for a great time. We hope to visit you both again soon. Every success to you both and take care.

Mike and Tinnie, UK

Thought I'd let you know how I had got on in the judging in the Uckfield Camera Club competitions. A first for me: 20 points out of 20 for 'Two Men'. And this appears on the front page of the camera club. And then 17 for four others including the shot of me in the bath, which raised much laughter, and a couple of 16s and a fifteen. On the whole much better marks than I usually get. So thanks for your help and encouragement. Let's hope I can continue the trend.

Regards Martin, Uckfield, Sussex UK

PURE DEAD BRILLIANT, no not Glasgow, but French Photographic Holidays run by Pam and Paul Edmunds from their beautiful house in Les Ages, Aquitaine. I have just spent a wonderful week with them and enjoyed excellent cuisine created by Pam, photographing the great scenery and receiving endless amounts of information from the ever enthusiastic Paul. A superb holiday and one I can highly recommend.

Alex, Cumbria UK

May I say that my stay with you was a experience I will look back on with fond memories, the way you both welcomed me into your home , the excellent coaching that you provided to enable me to improve my photographic skills beyond my dreams, and if I may be so bold Pam's cooking was a delight in every way.

Tony, North Wales

Thank you again for such a lovely week. I'm sure we'll be back as soon as finances allow!

Andrew & Alison, Scotland

I just wanted to thank you for my workshop, it was fab and I really enjoyed it, and meeting you both. Please thank Pam the food was outstanding.Thank you once again and good luck for this years bookings,
Kindest Regards,

Becky UK

My Own little Tour De France - Photography

I went on holiday with my father (21st August-1st September) with French Photographic Holidays. I can honestly say without a doubt that I feel that I've learnt more useful skills with the camera in a week than I have with a whole year in A Level Photography.

Megan, Bristol UK

Simply the Best!

The best photographer I've seen in years. His pictures have such artistry. The best teacher - patient, clear, inspiring! Lots of ground covered, and well thought- through "hands on" experience. The best course I've been on in a long time, thoroughly enjoyable, creative and motivationable. Many thanks Paul, and thanks to to Pam for her support. Great experience

Barbara, Thivers, France

Hope the new course has started well. Thank you again to both of you for your kindness and hospitality; you really went out of your way for us. Truly loved the very inspirational course! I miss the course already!
Best wishes, do stay in touch.

Anna Delany, London UK

"Paul’s emphasis is on finding two images per day to edit and improve, and using our dedicated Apple workstations. We had all the time and help we needed to give our shots the perfect finishing touches. The balance between escorted and free days was spot-on and proved very productive. The en suite accommodation was very comfortable, and Pam's cuisine at was superb with breakfast and a four course evening meal everyday"

Ian Gearing, Bristol UK

‘Where are you?’ That was me on the phone asking Paul for directions in the tiny hamlet of Les Ages; ‘I think I can hear you’, was the reply, ‘carry on down the hill’. 
I’d covered 400 miles from Le Havre without much problem and was now in a village of less than 20 people – lost!
I moved back down this narrow lane and was mercifully spotted by a waving Paul.
My home for the next seven days looked (and indeed was), just perfect; a 17th barn conversion full of charm and character. Mine hosts Paul & Pam greeted me warmly which set the tone for the whole week. A comfortable en-suit room, great company, fabulous food and an exceptional learning experience for yours truly with my trusty Nikon.
Early morning shooting catching the sun coming up, evening and into the night learning all the skills required to capture night-time charm, busy market scenes, city architecture and the wonderful picturesque town of Brantome were all totally consumed by my camera under the watchful guidance of Paul. Evenings were spent getting to grips with Photoshop; boy can you do stuff!!
Everyone is aware of images that have been ‘photoshopped’, but not may know how it’s done – Paul does! And now so do I, thanks to his expert and painstaking tuition. 
This was a great get-away-from-it-all break with the added bonus of having a real expert navigate me around the morass of dials, buttons, menus (and other stuff) on the camera, and someone in the kitchen passionate about food who never disappointed. To Paul & Pam I say from the bottom of my heart thank you so much and I shall be recommending the ‘Frenchphotographicholiday’ experience to everyone I meet. Well done Guys, I wish you well.
One satisfied customer

Ian Gillett, UK

On looking back over the week and the images I returned home with, it is obvious my photography has definitely moved up quite a few pegs.I now look at photography in a different way and see subjects I would have missed before, and I think this is due to the relaxed atmosphere through the week and the small class sizes.The meals were superb as was the accommodation, when can I come back!

G Robinson, Cumbria UK

Dear Paul & Pam,
Just thought I would let you know what a great week I spent with you, Learning to take better photo's in fantastic surroundings with such a friendly and welcoming couple. The accommodation was spot on and Pam's cooking was simply divine, I wish you all the success you deserve, well done. Thanks.

Jim Rowland, Manchester UK